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G.L. - Project Design & Consultant Co., Ltd. (abbr. G.L.) has been established since 1989.
Our core businesses are Architectural Design and Consultancy Service
Other services provided below:
Ø  Architecture, Landscape and Interior Design;
Ø  Urban Planning;
Ø  Civil Engineering Design;
Ø  Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing Engineering Design;
Ø  Environmental Engineering Design;
Ø  Quantitative Surveying;
Ø  Application of Modification Work and Licensing;
Ø  Site Supervision.

We have done various kinds of projects include high-storey and low storey residential and commercial buildings, school, hotel, pedestrian bridge, subway and other public works. 
Under our Functional Organizational Chart, there are 7 departments including engineering-related and administrative-related.
Our colleagues in different expertise fully back up G.L. with their wealth of knowledge and rich practical experience.
Hence, we are capable to resolve any technical issues and challenges in a flexible and efficient way. 
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